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Air Bubble Packing Wrap

Protective clear plastic wrap filled with small or large air bubbles.

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Our Air Bubble Packing Wrap generically called Bubble Wrap is a clear plastic sheet filled with small or larger air bubbles. The protective wrap is designed to cushion and protect packaged items that are being shipped or stored from damage due to shock.  The wrap is very durable, flexible, reusable and recyclable, and can be used for light or heavy items, valuables and oddly-shaped items.

Some people enjoy bursting the bubbles and consider it to be a stress releaser. While popping the actual wrap can be a lot of fun, there are many on line sites where you can virtually pop the bubbles.  It is a much cheaper and more eco-friendly way to get your bubble-popping fix.


We offer the following sizes of wrap:

·         3/16” bubbles x 48” wide x 500’ lengths

·         3/16” bubbles x 24” wide x 175’ lengths

·         5/16” bubbles x 48” wide x 375’ lengths

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